Cassida C300 Professional USD Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper

Review: The Cassida C300 Professional USD Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper. If you come into lots of coins on a daily basis, then you definitely need to grab yourself a professional coin counter. The Cassida C300 Professional USD Coin Counter, will also sort and wrap your coins as well. That’s two less things you’ll have to do. Check this out.

Cassida C300 Professional USD Coin Counter

At a glance:

  • Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper/Roller
  • Quickload Technology
  • 35% Faster Wrapping Coins
  • 300 Coins/Minute
  • Printing-Compatible
  • Includes 5 Wrapper Sets

The Cassida C300 will count, sort, add batch, and wrap your U.S. coins. Whether, it’s quarters, nickels, pennies, or dimes, it’s fast accurate and reliable. It has a hopper capacity of 1900 coins and counts 300 coins/minute. Compare that to having to count each coin by hand. If it’s not too many coins, then fine.

Cassida C300 Professional USD Coin Counter, Sorter, and Wrapper
Cassida C300 Coin Counter

But if you get lots of coins on a regular basis, then you just may not have that kind of time to be counting these coins yourself. You can always bag your coins and take them to the bank to be checked. Then again, who really has time for that, especially if you are running a business. Added to that, you can save yourself processing fees.

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Check out the video below to see how it works.

Cassida C300 – Coin Counter, Sorter, & Wrapper. Source: YouTube

Cassida C300 vs Standard coin counters

So why get yourself a Cassida C300 Professional coin counter? Well, if you check out the video above, you would have seen just how easy it is to use.


  • Easy to use (Quickload)
  • Easy to load wrappers
  • LCD screen
  • Displays number of coins per denomination
  • Printing capabilities
  • Can be used with different currencies


  • It just might be addicting watching the counter go up

Cassida C300 Coin Counter Features

Easy to Load Wrappers

Added to that, while you must remove the tube to load every wrapper with other standard coin counters, the Cassida C300 comes armed with the Quick Load coin tubes. This allows for an easy swap of the full roll with the next coin wrapper.

LCD Screen

The Cassida C300 has a 3.4″ LCD screen that helps you put your mind at ease. The screen displays the number of coins counted, total dollar value, as well as the dollar amount for each coin denomination. This advanced reporting feature comes in handy. Don’t you agree?

Printing Capabilities

You can pair the Cassida C300 professional counter with the Cassida thermal printer for a detailed receipt of your daily count. This facilitates easy record keeping on your part and easy bank deposits.

Modern, Innovative Design

This professional coin counter has a modern and innovative design. It comes with magnetic technology so you can effortlessly slide the bins and coin tubes in and out the machine. The QuickLoad (patent-pending) coin tubes allows you to slip the Cassida coin wrapper in and out with ease, without ever having to remove the coin tube.

“The C300 is quiet in operation and its compact size makes it the perfect addition to any desk.”

Additional Features

This professional coin counter also comes with a retractable carrying handle. The fact that it is portable means that you can take it wherever you want to. The C300 also comes with the magnetic coin tubes and bins, unlike the C100 and C200.

If you have an online store, then you don’t need to worry about having to count coins manually. Why pay a percentage for someone else to process your hard earned money? This machine is so simple and easy to use, it’s a no-brainer. Let the machine do all the work and keep your hard earned money.

You can easily purchase this coin counter at the Cassida store on Amazon.

About Cassida

The Cassida Corporation is a global leader in cash automation solutions. Their line of products include “business-grade bill counters, counterfeit detectors with industry-best false reject rates, top-performing coin counters/sorters and, in the Cassida Pro Series, innovative new advances in bill discriminators.” They strive to provide quality products that makes cash processing efficient.

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