Jaaxy, An Amazing Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy, an amazing keyword research tool. If you’re looking for a free research tool to increase the success of your online business, then Jaaxy is that tool for you. Keyword research is important to any online business entrepreneur looking to achieve success on the world wide web.jaaxy best keyword tool


If you are posting or blogging arbitrarily, there is the possibility that your page won’t get the play you think it deserves. Remember, the key thing here for any business, online or otherwise, is traffic, exposure, to be seen, so that you can get sales. If you are posting on a topic that’s oversubscribed or saturated, then who is going to see your page that’s competing with a host of other pages? Not many people, or none at all.

This situation translates into: NO traffic = NO Sales

Never fear, Jaaxy is here!!!! 🙂

Jaaxy will show you where the competition is and where the niches are, so that you can capitalize on them.

Take a look at the table below to see Jaaxy Keyword Tool at work.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to create a blog on the keywords “Make Money Online“. Once you type those words into Jaaxy, it spews out (literally) information related to your chosen keywords and other associated keywords.


Notice the row in yellow? That’s your keywords and the associated monthly searches and estimated traffic. Those figures look great don’t they? Exceptional even. In fact, all of these keywords have great traffic and searches. Can you hear the cash register? KACHING! KACHING! That’s a lot of searches and traffic.

EEERRRCH!!! Hold up, hit the brakes! Not so fast.

Before you go blogging to your hearts’ delight with these keywords, you need to pay attention to the other information in the table, particularly, the QSR (Quality Search Result), the KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator), and the SEO Power.

Rule of thumb for the QSR; anything 400 or below. However, the closer the QSR is to zero, the better. Although, the majority of the keywords (one exception) are all under 400. However, KQI indicator is telling us that of all these keywords, only one (1) is plausible, “earn money now”.

Think of the KQI column as your traffic light for internet success; to proceed or not to proceed with certain keywords.

  • The red light indicates, STOP. Don’t even think about. Too many people are already there and you’ll have a tough time getting your page ranked. Why waste time, when there are more productive avenues available.
  • The yellow light indicates, “you can try it if you want to, it’s getting close to that saturation point, but you just might have that magic touch to breakthrough the competition.” 🙂
  • The green light is our go ahead.

As it relates to the SEO Power, the higher the number the better. This indicates the possibilities of page ranking.

In a nutshell, you want:

  1. good or great numbers for searches and traffic,
  2. a low QSR 400 and below (closer to zero is ideal),
  3. a KQI with a green light, and
  4. a high SEO Power number

Keywords “earn money now” meets our criteria, not your original keywords “Make Money Online”.

More importantly, Jaaxy has given you guidance related to your original blog idea, by revealing where the competition is and has suggested alternatives for your blog topic.

So, if you didn’t have this amazing keyword research tool to use, your “Make Money Online” blog would just be out there in the world wide web of wilderness, trying to make its way through the competition, and you’d probably be wondering where in the www is your blog?

Remember; Traffic = sales.  No traffic = No sales.

The overall objective is high traffic and low competition and finding niches for success.

Let’s look at another example, this time the blog topic is “Blue Swede Shoes”. Check out the results below.

jaaxy blue swede shoes

Again our original blog topic is becoming saturated and there are just 16 monthly searches and the estimated traffic is just 3. Is the topic “blue swede shoes” worth the time and effort? I think you can answer that for yourself.

However, Jaaxy has given us 7 other viable options with much better figures related to the monthly searches, estimated traffic, QSR, and SEO power. Now you’ve got keywords to blog about. An amazing keyword research tool I tell you.

Now, it’s your turn to try Jaaxy. Think of something that you might want to blog about, type in those words and see what you get.


Jaaxy is a great tool to use along with the Google’s alphabet soup technique. It’s absolutely FREE to join and as a free member you can earn additional search credits by simply inserting the link on your website.

However, if you feel your usage of this tool would far exceed your initial Free 30 searches, then your other options include:

  • Going Pro for $19.00/month or,
  • Enterprise (“beam me up Scotty”) at $49.00/month.

Both of these options represent opportunities for extra income (commissions), if you so desire. 🙂

Now you have a great tool at your disposal. Why not USE Jaaxy today and become even more successful online.

It was cool hanging with you 🙂 I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you.

To your success




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