Wealthy Affiliate Review, An Absolute No-brainer

If you are tired of scams and the empty get rich quick promises, then you should definitely read my review and see first hand people showing successwhy Wealthy Affiliate is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to online success. You are here, so you are most likely looking for a legitimate opportunity to make that much needed extra cash from the comfort of your home.

Who exactly is this post for? Anyone who is:

  1. Looking to start a legitimate work at home business to make some extra cash from home,
  2. Willing to work towards having a successful online business,
  3. Interested in doing something that they absolutely love or have a passion for,
  4. Interested in started their own online business absolutely FREE!

If this is you, then you absolutely need to read this! If it’s not you then feel free to share it and bookmark for future reference.

One Key Consideration When Choosing Any Opportunity

While I was looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash, not for a moment was I looking to start an online business. However, when I stumbled on to Wealthy Affiliate, literally, and saw what was offered, I just had to give it a try . after for did I think that I would go back to having an online business, but after reading what Wealthy Affiliate (WA) had to offer and seeing the potential, I just had to give it a try.

The first opportunity I tried, just gave me a migraine whenever I thought about what was involved, but thankfully I did not spend any money there. My second experience with an online business was drop shipping. Being a new to online business at the time, this is not an opportunity I should have signed up for. Basically, I purchased a manual with a list of wholesalers and limited telephone support.

Now, this was not a bad opportunity in any way, since quite a number of people have made and continue to make, quite a substantial income doing this. Today, this sort of opportunity and the training and tools that go along with it, is a bit more expensive. Now that I think about it, to this day I am not even sure where that manual is (lol).

What can you learn from my experiences?

Something very important actually and that is; one key consideration when it comes to choosing an online opportunity: Know exactly what you are getting yourself into!

If you don’t know what you are getting yourself into, there are several things that can happen:

  1. You may get scammed
  2. You could lose interest
  3. You may not like what the “real” opportunity is about

Why Wealthy Affiliate Was My Choice to Get Started Online

Wealthy Affiliate is actually one of the best, if not the  best, online training platforms I have experienced thus far and one of the great things about WA is that you get to “try before you buy.” I think that’s important, don’t you? You don’t have to pay for anything up front or anything at all if you don’t want to. This way you get to see exactly what you’re getting into.

It’s like shopping for clothes. You want to try on the item to make sure it fits you to your liking, and that you are comfortable in it and not all squeezed up like a sausage in a bun, or worst yet everything bulging over. I know you know what I’m talking about (lol). Getting the wrong fit, would definitely be uncomfortable.

There are some online business training programs where you have to buy it first before you can actually see what you’re getting yourself into. For example, there is at least one that I know that offers a 7-day trial, but you have to pay for it. The drawback here is that, at some point you might just find yourself wondering “what the hell did I get myself into?” So many people have wasted their money that way.

This is not the case at Wealthy Affiliate. You get the opportunity to check it out, read through free lessons and ask questions if you want to. This actually helps you to make a much more informed decision as to whether or not you want to be a part of this online money making community or not. I read everything I could, even the members comments (lol), and I have to say I ahave never looked back.

Of course there are other programs out there that you can check out, but when you compare them with what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, you’ll realize that Wealthy Affiliate is an absolute no-brainer for anyone who wants to get started online and is looking for a legitimate work at home business opportunity doing something that they love. WA just makes sense!! It’s your one-stop-shop to the path of online success.

Key lesson: Research before you buy so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

When You Think About An Online Opportunity, What’s Important To You?

Success, right? What about help and support? Tools and training?

Here are some other questions you are most likely asking yourself at this point:

  1. What’s being offered at Wealthy Affiliate?
  2. What am I going to learn here?
  3. Would it be sufficient to get me online success?

Before I answer these questions, I want to share a little bit about Wealthy Affiliate with you.

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Ranking: 98 /100
Price: $0 Starter Membership
Who is it for: Newbie – Expert (Everyone)

That’s right, even if you already have an online business and you want to make it more successful, you can learn how to do that at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Answers to Your Questions


1. What’s offered at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Fantastic training, tools, 24/7 online support among other things
  • As a starter member you get 2 FREE websites
  • FREE hosting
  • Comprehensive, organized, and up-to-date training
  • Live and interactive help and support from community members, industry experts and millionaires to help you become a success
  • Keyword Tools to give you an advantage

2. What YOU can learn at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Every single thing you need to know to become a successful online entrepreneur, while doing something that you absolutely love.
  • Below is a snapshot of the lessons to get you started, and if this isn’t enough,
  • You can always sign up for Affiliate Bootcamp

certificate-lessons3. Would it be sufficient to get me online success?your-success-is-our-goal-chalk-illustration

  • A thousand times YES!!!
  • At Wealthy Affiliate, YOUR success is our goal
  • But that also depends on YOU and the level of effort YOU are willing to make to be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Information

There are two types of memberships at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Free Starter Membership: $0.00 Create Your Free Account
  2. Premium Membership: $47 per month or $359/year (YOU save $205.00!)

Check out the snapshot below for the features that go along with membership options. You’ll notice that even as a free member, you can also earn while you learn, since Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program as well.

wealthy affiliate membership grid

My Recommendations:

  • If you are now getting started, create your FREE Starter Membership account
  • If you are ready for success, create your FREE Starter Membership account. Yes, that’s what I said. Create your free account, introduce yourself to the community and check out the FREE lessons. But I guarantee you that once you’re inside you are going to want all that the Premium Membership account has to offer.
  • Check out a few of our members’ reviews in the snapshot below:


You Can Write Your Own Success Story! 

people holding up the word success

So, forget the scams and the get rich quick schemes. If you’re thinking of starting your online business and you want to make a success of it, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. Join us, because we believe that you too can write your own success story the way you want it to be written.

But don’t just take my word for it, YOU need to see it for yourself, or better yet click here for a free lesson!

I know this makes sense to you and when you check it out, you’ll understand what I mean by “Wealthy Affiliate, is an absolute no-brainer,” when it comes to starting and growing a successful online business for free, doing something you like.

Seriously, let us help you turn your passion into profit.

I encourage YOU to get started today and discover how YOU too can become an online success. I have every confidence that you’ll make the right decision and become a member of Wealthy Affiliate today for FREE.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or ask for additional information if needed.

Wishing you and your family the best of health and every future success.




6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review, An Absolute No-brainer”

  1. A proud member of WA here, for it has an endless flow of high value information. Helping, guiding and teaching us to be an effective website owner. Thank you so much for this very original done article!

    • Hi Bernie, thanks for visiting. I am pleased that you found the information helpful. That really is my intent, to provide helpful and clear information for my visitors so that they can make a much more informed decision, and have some fun while doing so.

  2. Hi Emmanuel thanks for visiting my site and I am happy that you found the article helpful. If you want to be a part of an online community where you can get opinions from other experienced individuals who share the same interest as yours, then in all honesty Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. You literally have access to this online community 24/7 including the owners and someone is always there to answer your question, or assist you in what ever way you need assistance, whether it’s feedback on your website, or a post, or even finding an appropriate affiliate program that compliments your niche. My recommendation to you would be to try Wealthy Affiliate and see if it meets your need, and you can do this absolutely free. You have absolutely nothing to lose and this might just be what you’ve been looking for. But you won’t know that until you try it. At WA it’s all about helping you develop your own successful online business. Any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. To your success.

  3. Vanessa,

    Your review has captured all of the great aspects of Wealthy Affiliate, and more.
    I had been online searching quite literally for years to find a way to honestly learn about working the internet properly
    for profit.

    I was shown a bit here and then had the next secrets held for another ransom price. That happened several times.
    They all seemed to follow the same pattern, lure you in with exciting video’s of their lifestyle & sports cars, hardly ever a real Free look and see of whatever product they may or may not be offering.

    WA has been an incredible breath of fresh air in an otherwise very polluted success seeking jungle.

    Keep up the great work, all my best,


    • Hi Gary, thanks for visiting my site. I myself tend to stay away from the so-called opportunities that promise the stars and the moon for a ransom price. So you are right, Wealthy Affiliate is a breath of fresh air as far as online opportunities go. You actually get the opportunity to see what you are getting yourself into and the training and support is absolutely fantastic. In addition, you have an opportunity to earn while you learn. Thanks again for the visit and all the best to you as well.

  4. Hello Vanessa, great to find your post here through one of your blogs 7 years ago! Affiliate marketing is fabulous, not only for the financial benefits but for the friendships that develop through helping fellow affiliate marketers over the years. Not sure if you updated this post recently or if you use this site, but I can say your review was straightforward and your message easy to understand. Wishing you continued success. Rupert


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