30 Reasons Why People Leave Your Store Without a Purchase

Okay, so finally you’ve launched your drop shipping store and it looks great! Your catalog is full and everything is ready for your first sale. You invest some money and you start promoting your store and there you have your first visitor! Gradually their numbers grow and everything seems fine, except for one thing. Despite your increase in visitors, you’ve got very little sales. It seems that people leave your store without a purchase. Sounds familiar?

But you just can’t fathom the reason why  people leave your store without a purchase. As far as you’re concerned, everything is working good. Well, maybe you missed something. But we’ll make it easy for you to correct that situation, and be on your way to increasing conversions and making those much needed sales.

Reasons Why People Leave Your Store Without a Purchase

Problems can range from:

  1. Products aren’t appealing
  2. Slow website
  3. Pricing problems
  4. no discounts or special offers

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Fact: a low conversion rate means low profits

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Now that you have your guide, you know exactly what to do to make those sales.

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