Founder Jeff Bezos Dethrones Bill Gates as Richest Man Founder Jeff Bezos Dethrones Bill Gates as Richest Man founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s new richest man!

Wow! Founder Jeff Bezos  dethrones Bill Gates as the richest man! Say what you want about Jeff Bezos but I’d say, that’s quite an achievement! Most people know about but when you look at how it all got started, you have to admire the vision of Jeff Bezos. And his business strategies are nothing to sneeze at either.

According to Forbes, “a 2.4% rise in Amazon shares, means that Mr. Bezos’ wealth has now eclipsed Microsoft co-founder by $700m.” As a result, the value of the 17% of Amazon shares he owns, now exceeds $500bn.

While some people feel that Bezos should increase his philanthropic efforts to that of Bill Gates, there is no denying that quite a number of people have benefited and continue to benefit from having something like around.

When you think of the wide range of products available on Amazon, it’s clear that providing an opportunity for others, was Bezos way of accomplishing his vision of what would be all about.

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Regular people have been able to make their business dreams a reality by becoming Amazon sellers, Amazon Affiliates, as well as being able to publish their own books. Having that self-publishing service allows you to skip those publisher headaches and denials, for sure. You have to admit that all of the services and products provided by Amazon, certainly makes it a force to be reckon with.

Is Amazon growing too big? Hey who knows? It is reported that “for the first three months of this year, Amazon’s sales jumped 23% to $35.7bn and the company expects a rise of 16% to 24% for the quarter of June.”  When you think about Amazon kindle, Amazon Echo and Dot not to mention the Prime services, they all add quite a bit of convenience to life, so maybe that growth will just continue.

7 Things we can take away from Jeff Bezos

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Don’t despise small beginnings; you have to start somewhere when achieving your goals.
  3. Understanding the role and importance of networking
  4. The importance of diversity in investment
  5. Focus on customer needs
  6. You only fail when you stop trying, so
  7. Don’t give up!

Sometimes you just need to do things differently, and it just goes to show that with the right mindset, ordinary people can defy the odds and achieve great things.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

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