Toshiba Laptops: Best Buy on Sale?

Are Toshiba Laptops the Best Buy even when they are on Sale? Are you looking at Toshiba Laptops for your next computer purchase? Then you’ll definitely want to read this article before making your final decision! When it comes to purchasing a laptop, I want value for my money. You can relate right? So being the owner of a Toshiba Laptop, I thought I’d share my experience with you.

So, what do you think?

Are Toshiba Laptops the best buy on sale or not? Well, it’s a mixed bag of results. But please be sure to share your experience in the comment section below? Hey we look forward to it!

So would I buy another Toshiba Laptop? Hmmn?

Well, not that it matters to you how I spend my money. But the fact that I have an online business, means that I should have a proper functioning computer; laptop or desktop. Needless to say, that goes for anyone really, even if you’re not working from home.

If you’re a novice buying a computer, then you might or you might not buy the first laptop that’s suggested to you. YOU might be the one to do your research to make sure that the laptop you’re looking for, fits your need etc, etc, etc. But in any event, when you’ve invested money into purchasing a product, you have the hope that it fulfills your expectations, right?

Well, here’s my experience owning a Toshiba Laptop.

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My Toshiba Laptop Experience

When I got the computer, I loved it! It looked great and it functioned well. I looked forward to using my new sleek fancy machine. But my joy was short lived. I soon noticed that sometimes the laptop took a bit longer to come on. Now this was a bit disconcerting but somewhere in the back of my mind, I was hoping that nothing would go wrong.

But that was not to be.

It got to the point where my Toshiba Laptop would not turn on! I’d turn it on and I’ll hear it processing; sounding like if it’s coming on, but to my disappointment, it would just shut itself off. What the hell, right?!

Toshiba Laptops best buy bloggerSo like any sane person, I asked Google for a fix. I mean, I want my Toshiba laptop up and working. Hey, I’ve got articles to write and money to make. Come on now, start working already!

Okay, so Google gives me a few ideas. But what I also discovered in my Google search, was that other people were having the same issues with their Toshiba laptops. Well, whaddya know?!

Anyway, one suggested solution that seemed to work, was to temporarily remove the battery then put it  back in. So like any diligent student, I did that.

Well, if I remember correctly, that worked a few times.

But seriously, who needs to be removing screws and a battery and reinstalling them every single time, to get it a laptop to work? After all, that’s so… NOT the way the darn thing was made to function!

In any event, like I said, removing the battery worked a few times and then it didn’t.

It got to the point where the laptop wouldn’t even come on when I plugged it in sans battery. I’ve got to say, it was most frustrating, having to go through this day after day. Every time I turned it on, I’d hear it processing and I’d be hoping that it would come to life. But all I got was “phew.” You know, the sound it makes when it shuts down?

Having to go through this was really “harshing my mellow.

I had to exercise some serious self control, so that I wouldn’t fling the blasted thing out the window. That’s to tell you how frustrated I got with this Toshiba laptop.

Are Toshiba Laptops the best buy

Quit playing with my mind already!

Even so, I was still hoping that it would miraculously begin to function normally again. So after a couple of weeks of not using it, I took it to one of my IT friends. Would you believe, the darn laptop came on with him? Bloody hell! Quit playing with my mind already!

Of course, the fact that the laptop it came on, he couldn’t detect anything wrong with it. But just to be safe, he transferred the information from my laptop onto a memory stick, which was the plan anyway.

So I bring my Toshiba laptop home, hoping, but in the back of my mind I just knew I was hoping in vain… Well, guess what happened when I turned it on? Yep, processing sounds then “phew.” Arrgghh!

Now I know that laptops have a certain lifespan, but my Toshiba laptop died way too soon for my liking. It did not even make two flippin’ years! My Mini HP which I bought so many years ago, outlasted that Toshiba Laptop. Go figure! I’ve had my Mini HP for so long, that I can’t even remember when I bought the thing. But that little baby saved the day!

So where did I go wrong?

Toshiba Laptops Reviews

Well, what I did not do was look at Toshiba Laptop reviews. Well, I did and I didn’t. I checked it out on Best Buy and didn’t do any more research on it. I know, I should have exercised better judgment. But hey, spilt milk and all that jazz…, so let’s not go there.

When I did look at the reviews, after the fact, guess what I found. Toshiba laptops were freakin’ last on the list! In other words, Toshiba laptops weren’t rated as the best buy at all. Surprise!

Okay, now this is not to discourage you from buying a Toshiba Laptop if that’s you’re heart’s desire. You can click here to check them out and see for yourself. Maybe I got a bad one in the mix. Hey who knows? But if more and more people are having the same problems with this laptop, then something is up for sure.

>>See Product<<

I just know that for me, a Toshiba laptop was not the best buy at all. So whether Toshiba laptops are on sale or not, I doubt I’ll be repeating that experience. Ever!

It could be a Toshiba Ultra-book, a tablet, I don’t care, I won’t be buying another. Nuh-uh. Not that my one little purchase would make a difference to their bottom line. But that’s a level of frustration I can live without. Sorry Toshiba, but I refuse to put myself through that experience again.

Hey, if you have a Toshiba laptop, and it’s working out for you, that’s great. If it’s not, then you can always check out my personal preferences below!

So what’s your preference?

As always, great chatting with you and thanks for dropping by. I look forward to hearing from you, so why not share your experiences with me and my readers? Oh, and if you want to learn how to make money doing something you love, then link up with me right here!

Take care, until next time.

8 thoughts on “Toshiba Laptops: Best Buy on Sale?”

  1. Hi Vanessa,
    Good sharing on your experience with a Toshiba Laptop. My first laptop was a Dell. Bought online more than 10 years ago. Still usable! Mostly used by my children. The second laptop was an Asus, bought 4 years ago. Had problem the first year and every now and then. Occasionally have to send for repair and relied on my faithful Dell. Currently. looking for my third. Thanks to your post, I can now strike off Toshiba. Let’s look at HP and Dell.

    • Hi Sharon

      My first Laptop was a Dell as well. It worked well for a few years, but it doesn’t work anymore. I am not upset about that, because it lasted a long time. I didn’t bother to take it for repairs or anything, just thought I’d upgrade and invest in something else. My Mini HP is still going after how many years, but Toshiba is definitely not on my Laptop list. It’s interesting how these things work. My brother-in-law has an ASUS and it seems to be working great. I think he’s had it for about 2 to 3 years now. But I agree with you about HP or Dell, ,as opposed to Toshiba.

  2. Hi great article on Toshiba laptops. I have never bought a laptop before because I’ve been lucky enough to have them through my various jobs. The first one I had from work was a Dell but I found this quite unreliable as it often crashed! I managed to change it to a Lenovo and it was much better! My brother has a Mac and I think they are great but if I wanted to buy an affordable laptop which is reliable and user friendly then I would certainly go for a Toshiba.

    • Hi Harjit

      Clearly all the computers in the various brands don’t function perfectly. I always thought Toshiba was a good brand, but my experience with it, didn’t support my perception. Then again, that’s just my experience, but other people have also had the same issue with the computer, that I have had.

      Granted there would have been some great functioning ones. But the lemon I got, just turned me off the brand, especially since my HP Mini is still functioning after so many years. I hope you have a better experience than I did, if you do indeed decide to purchase a Toshiba Laptop. 

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with Toshiba Laptop and I’m sorry it’s not a good one.

    I do not own a Toshiba laptop or any Toshiba gadget but my friend and roommate has one which she bought 8 years ago. Tell you what, it’s still working. Uh, not quite well actually nowadays but considering how she overused it especially during its first 2 years, oh my goodness! She would download all her favorite Hollywood series and movies while she’s on duty (8-12 hours) then watch them when she comes home, making her laptop working almost 24/7.

    Yes, she does experience some problems but accordingly, what her laptop needs is reformatting. I don’t know in the US but here in Saudi Arabia, Toshiba laptops are among the best buy laptops and they’re expensive too. Anyway, I hope you found the laptop that works well for you.

    • Hi Alice

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s good to know Toshiba Laptops are the best buy for some people and that they are working out great for some people. But it wasn’t for me. It could be that I just did not get a good one. You know how those things go; there’s always a lemon in between. I am partial to HP and Dell, since I’ve had great experiences with those brands. So for me, I won’t be repeating my Toshiba experience any time soon. 

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience, I will definitely avoid buying Toshiba laptop after reading your review. I use mac now but I still have my old hp at home, I bought 10 years ago and still works well. It is interesting how brands create products that last only 1- 2 years….

    • Hi Marta

      You’re most welcome. Some people love Toshiba Laptops and they think they’re the best buy. But given my experience, Toshiba Laptops won’t ever be on my list of choices for Laptops. My go to choices are HP or Dell, since I’ve had really good experiences with both brands, as opposed to my Toshiba Laptops. Even if it was a lemon, I won’t be repeating the experience.


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