How to find the best keywords for a website

How To Find The Best Keywords For A Website

Keyword Research
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Struggling to find the best keywords for a website, then check out this fantastic keyword tool that can not only help you do that, but would also brainstorm keywords for you, as well as reveal to you what your competition is up to, and these are just a few functions of this great tool.

This is actually my favorite keyword tool and I highly recommend it. This is probably one of the best kept secrets, but I am sure it won’t be for much longer, since quite a number of people are really excited about it.

Anyone who has a website, knows the importance of a great keyword tool. But this one is not just good, it’s great.  Take a look at the snapshot below and you’ll see what I mean.

jaaxy search for how to find keywords for a website

Have you noticed how much information you have at your disposal with this little tool? Let’s break it down. Apart from looking for keywords, you’ve got:

  • Alphabet soup technique similar to Google and Ubersuggest
  • Saved lists. You can easily save your searches for future reference
  • Search history. This function is does exactly what it says, saves your search history. So if for some reason you did not save a particular search to a list, then you can access your search history to recover that information.
  • Search analysis. This feature gives you information for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! So you can easily access information concerning your competitors as well

results using the jaaxy search analysis feature

  • Affiliate programs. You can use this to easily find affiliate programs to compliment your niche
  • Brainstorm. If you are at a lost for ideas and need a few (ideas) hen you can use this function to get you started or to tailor your search more specifically.

With such an advanced keyword management and analysis tool at your finger tips you can easily find the best keywords and optimize your website. More relevant keywords translate into better ranking and more traffic!

What’s my #1 recommended keyword tool?

Jaaxy 2.0, the world’s most advanced keyword tool on the market to date. Formerly, Jaaxy, the upgrades have been fantastic, and it is still free to try. For example, you can have keyword analysis for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! I am sure you can see the massive potential here. 

jaaxy the most advanced keyword tool

Check out the video below for a demonstration regarding how to use Jaaxy to find:

  1. The best keywords for your website,
  2. Other profitable niches,

So you can optimize your website and increase your traffic! More traffic translates into more sales. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video and you’ll see the enormous potential of this keyword tool.

Jaaxy niche research and refinement video

In addition to all the other great information available at your finger tips with this fantastic tool, you can even check your site’s ranking for the keywords that you use. Periodic checks will show you how your site is ranking for particular keywords and there are indicators to show if your position has increased or example of jaaxy and site rankdecreased and by how much.

With Jaaxy 2.0, you no longer have to struggle to find keywords for your website. Jaaxy simplifies the entire process of keyword research for you. Create your free account today and check out the additional training videos. You’ll be absolutely amazed and very happy that you created your free account.

When you do I am sure you will agree with me that Jaaxy is indeed a fantastic and powerful keyword tool that is simple and easy to use, to help you optimize your website, increase your rankings and get you that traffic you’ve been hankering after.

Click here for more information on Jaaxy and to try it out for free today!

After you’ve tried Jaaxy, drop me a line in the comment section on my website and let me know what you think. Or if you need any additional information, be sure to let me know as well.

To your success always


Sharing is Always Good!
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18 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Keywords For A Website

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    I have been using Jaaxy for a few months now and am highly impressed. All the different features it has are incredible. Using a keyword tool like this is a must if you want to be successful online. Thanks for a great review, Peter

    1. Hi Peter
      I have to agree with you. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools to ensure your success online. There are so many different functions to take advantage of, to help you find the best keywords for your website. Good to know you’re enjoying using it.

  2. You are so right! Jaaxy is the absolute best keyword tool ever bar none. This is the secret weapon of anyone trying to optimize their websites with keywords.

    1. Hi Michael
      I absolutely agree with you, Jaaxy is by far the best keyword tool I’ve used thus far and the upgrades have been fantastic! Just looking at the menu and the options you can see the wealth of information available to you. Sometimes, when I have a few minutes, I check out the search box to see the various topics people are looking at and it gets pretty interesting, even a bit hilarious. With a keyword tool like Jaaxy, you would never be at a lost for ideas for articles.

  3. Hi Vanessa! You have given such a thorough way to use the keyword tool! I have used Jaaxy and i am quite happy with the results i get. It’s a value for money product!

    Finding best keywords for your website and then working on them is a more systematic and organised way of doing things rather than shooting your arrows in the dark.

    Thanks for the useful and valuable information! Eagerly waiting for more posts from you!

    Best wishes! 😀

    1. Hi Srijan
      Anyone who is online knows the importance of a keyword tool, but having one like Jaaxy takes it to another level. What I have shared in this post, does not even represent all that Jaaxy has to offer and you are right it is indeed great value for the money.

  4. Vanessa,

    I thank you for your research into this very powerful tool! I don’t think there are any other products out that that have the same flexibility, power, and speed as Jaaxy 2.0. Wonderful post and thanks again for enlightening us.


    1. Hi Doug
      Jaaxy is my keyword tool of choice and I don’t think that there is anything like Jaaxy 2.0 out there. My aim is to provide my visitors with information they can benefit from and increase their level of success. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. I was introduced to Jaaxy almost a year ago as part of some online training received. My first thought was, great another thing that just gets in the way. After using it as a trial member I found it was more than just a keyword tool. It became part of my every day research to boost my SEO, the one thing my website was missing.

    1. I Ken,
      Jaaxy is fantastic and you are right, it is more than a keyword tool. Jaaxy provides analysis, keyword management, site ranking and so much more I am sure you are enjoying boosting your SEO; better ranking, more traffic. Who wouldn’t be happy about that. 🙂

  6. Hi Vanessa,
    I think Jaaxy is an awesome search tool. Not only does it help you find great keywords for your website but you can also find out if those words got your page ranked. Totally cool tool.

    1. Hi Angela
      I think of Jaaxy as my power tool for my online business. it allows me to easily find the best keywords for my site. Even when I run out of ideas I can use the brainstorm function to help with this aspect. I can save my keyword lists, access information from Google, Bing, and Yahoo and that’s just a few functions of this power keyword tool.

  7. So that was some excellent information. Keyword research is a very important part of owning and operating a website. After all researching and selecting a keyword correctly is what helps us to drive traffic to our websites. It is important that we try to get as close to page one as we possibly can in order to drive decent amounts of traffic to us.It just so happens I use the Jaxxy keyword tool myself. I depend heavily on it to research keywords for my articles and even for videos I post on utube. I totally agree with you about Jaxxy being the best there is. It also has tremendous accuracy in showing where exactly you are ranking with your pages on google Thanks to Jaaxy I have several pages ranking on page one one and two articles that rank in spot number one on the first page. This has helped to increase traffic flow to my website. and that is really what it is all about. I don’t care how cool somebody’s website might look, it won’t do them any good if they don’t have any traffic. I hope you can help more people with this excellent informative article! later

    1. Hi Polly
      Some people suggest that you don’t need a keyword tool for your online business but I disagree. You really need to know what the competition is like for a blog idea that you may have, and whether or not it’s worth your efforts to pursue it. Apart from the advantages you mentioned, I think one of the best things about Jaaxy is how easy it is to understand and use. Other keyword tools are not as simple and straight forward and some of them certainly don’t provide all the needed information. You get global searches for your keyword, the competition, and even available domains which you can purchase right there and then, if you re looking to expand your online activities.

  8. Good evening Vanessa,

    I really like how informative your article is, you did a fabulous job. What I’ve noticed since I started using Jaaxy is how quickly it spits out keywords and of course one of my fav’s is the red light green light making it really easy to choose the best keywords.
    Definitely worth checking out if you have a website, and your wanting to find the best possible keywords, and rank your site.
    Great Job!

    1. Hi Jennifer
      The traffic light system really is very cool. Using the same principle as a real traffic light, I can easily distinguish what keywords are worth pursuing and which aren’t. I love seeing the green lights because that shows me all the possibilities I can target to capitalize on and increase my website traffic. Who’s gonna say no to more traffic? Certainly not me. I agree with you, Jaaxy is definitely worth checking out and worth the investment for anyone who is online.

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