How Wealthy Affiliate Became My New Facebook Account

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When I created my Facebook account, I did not start using this new account right away. I remember though when I actually started using Facebook the first post I received from a family member was “Welcome to the 21st century.” Lol. That to me was absolutely hilarious and I explained to that family member that I actually had the account before and that I just never used it; so I was not exactly that backward.

Now that I’ve been on Facebook for a while and have connected with family and a few friends who live in various parts of the world, the Facebook bug has not bitten me the same way it has bitten others. The manner in which some people use it, I have to wonder if that’s all they do.

OMG! I Need To Update My Profile Picture!

I see profile pictures changing at a steady pace and if Facebook had a competition for that sort of thing, I know I could definitely recommend a few people to take up that challenge, since they might have a good chance of winning.

Now, if that’s how some people want to use their Facebook account then I have no qualms with that, but some people take this to extremes and I have to wonder if these individuals are thinking about what they are doing?

Admittedly, it is nice to see what other people are up in the various parts of the world.  However, I don’t need to see people in their underwear or dressed in next to nothing. Know what I mean? Why can’t they save that sort of thing for the privacy of their bedroom?

But that’s beside the point. The point is I think the platform could be used in a more positive manner by some of these individuals. You know what? Maybe to them they think they are using it positively. Hey who knows, let’s just hope their employers or potential employers don’t see it.

Here’s a question to consider though, “Do you think that there is a relationship between Facebook and the “selfie” obsession that’s been going on?” You are invited to share your opinion on the issue in the comment section of my site. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Please be assured that I am not bashing anyone if that’s how they want to use the platform, so that others can see what they are up to, then so be it, but that’s not my cup of tea. As such, quality interaction was one of the reasons why Wealthy Affiliate became my new Facebook.

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The Addictive Qualities of Social Networking Sites

Then there are those who deprive themselves of a good night’s sleep for fear that they might miss the latest posting from a friend or the people who they are following. Seriously?

An avartar showing how much he loves his computer

Why the need to be in the know in such a manner? Could you not catch up the next day? Oh my goodness, what am I saying? Wait and catch up the nest day? That statement might very well be considered blasphemous by some individuals. 🙂

I think the idea of having Facebook and the other social networking sites is fantastic. However, some individuals suggest that these social networking sites may have some addictive qualities. This concern has led to the development of a Facebook Addiction Scale, Facebook addiction quiz and the coined term Facebook addiction disorder.

While I am not addicted to Facebook, as I don’t really check my account as regularly as others might, given my experience with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I may have to agree with the notion that social networking sites may have some addictive qualities.

For example, I log in to WA first thing when I come home from work because I want to see what others have been up to. Even when I get Facebook notifications, I go to my WA notifications first and sometimes I don’t even check my Facebook notifications. What?

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Although Wealthy Affiliate is not primarily a social networking site (learn more about Wealthy Affiliate), it provides the opportunity for social interaction in a similar fashion. I can instant message (IM), chat live, follow others, they can follow me, and like I mentioned, I get notifications of what other members are up to within the community.

However, that’s where the similarities, between Wealthy Affiliate and Facebook ends and there are a few more reasons why I am more tuned in to Wealthy Affiliate as opposed to Facebook and it begins with the fact that WA is an online community that provides an opportunity for me to:

  • Make money online
  • Learn something new every day
  • Make my dreams a reality
  • Do something that I am passionate about

In other words, I use my time a bit more productively at Wealthy Affiliate, since this is where I found a legitimate work at home business opportunity, and there are countless members of WA who would echo the same sentiment. If I were to share fellow members’ sentiments on the opportunity provided by Wealthy Affiliate, we’d be here for a while, so I only included a snapshot below of some community activity.

members chatting at Wealthy Affiliate

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Then again I prefer to give others the opportunity to check things out for themselves, so that they can be better informed and as such, make a better decision about things that are important to them.

So I am extending an invitation to you to do just that. If you are looking for a legitimate work at home business or a genuine work at home job to make money online and help make your dreams a reality, doing something that you are passionate about, then check out the Wealthy Affiliate community and get the facts.

Learn about how it all started and see if I am not speaking the truth to you. Get your information on this great online community; make it a fact finding mission, it does not cost you anything so you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

You do that and you’ll understand how Wealthy Affiliate became my new Facebook account.

To your success always.


Sharing is Always Good!
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13 thoughts on “How Wealthy Affiliate Became My New Facebook Account”

    • Hi Ken
      Thanks for dropping by. That’s for sure. With Wealthy Affiliate what you are passionate about can become your online business, as opposed to doing something you don’t like.

  1. Hello, Vanessa

    That’s great how Wealthy Affiliate has replaced your Facebook account 🙂 Facebook is just full of people procrastinating and can be very addictive in the wrong way too. At least with Wealthy Affiliate, you are connecting with more positive like minded people and helping to pay it forward.

    The Wealthy Affiliate community is the way forward 😀


    • Hi Neil
      I have to admit, Wealthy Affiliate can be just as addicting, but balance is the key and you are so right about connecting with more positive and like minded people who can provide help and support while building an online business.

  2. Vanessa,

    Another marvelous post on an angle I have not looked into too deeply as yet, the true value of really using social media like Facebook.
    As for selfies and FB I see a direct correlation, however I have no idea who really deserves any credit if at all.

    Truth be known I got my 1st camera back in the mid-60’s it was an instamatic and I recall taking Selfies then, but I only had a shoebox in my closet to put them…

    Thanks again and I also try to Learn New Every Day!
    My best,


    • Hi Gary
      Very nice to have you visit again. Selfies in a shoebox :-). I too think that there is a relationship between the selfie phenomenon and Facebook. I see profiles changing all the time. I am thinking that perhaps that happens because people think that the new picture is better than what’s there, so there is a constant change on profile pics. Hey, to each his/her own :-).

  3. Great post, I think I have to agree, Facebook has gone a little too far nowadays and there’s better ways to use your time and WA is a really good alterative that is productive!

    • Hi Mel
      Thanks for visiting. Well, I have to say it’s not Facebook per say but how some individuals are choosing to use it. Some of them could certainly put their time to better use. I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a far better alternative and much more productive.

  4. Hey Vanessa,

    Facebook can be a great time waster for those who don’t use it right. I’m glad that you WA account has replaced FB for you. You get to hangout and chat with others while learning to make money..

    Rock on


    • Hi Dan
      Some people really do waste time on Facebook, but I am taking the opportunity to put my time and my Facebook account to better use. Hey, we can all use some extra cash and if I can hang out with like minded people and make some money, why not?

  5. Hey Vanessa,

    Nice site!
    I use to be a member of the WA, they have a good training program overall. If you interested in adding another income stream please get in touch with me. Available in 60+ countries worldwide.
    Good luck!

  6. Hello,
    I came across this post and just had to chime in.

    I found Wealthy Affiliate by accident, while researching another online “opportunity”. I figured “what the hell, it’s free to sign up and check it out” so that’s exactly what I did.

    I was not prepared for the social aspect of it at all. Within a couple of days I found myself spending 4+ hours a day chatting in Live Chat, reading and commenting on member’s blog posts, reviewing training and so on. I was simply amazed at how much information was shared freely here.

    It it just like a social media platform but focused on those looking to become successful online (mainly through affiliate marketing but not exclusively). It quickly overtook any other social media platform I’ve ever used. I’d argue that I spent more time on WA in a single month than I had on any other social medial platform in an entire year. That just amazes me.

    It is definitely addictive, especially when you find yourself actually helping others and become a mentor to some of them. I actually find myself having to step back and say, “OK…you have other things you need to be doing…get out of Live Chat and get back to writing that content for your site”.

    WA is a great platform and I’d argue that the people are it’s true strength. Don’t get me wrong, the hosting, training and so on are great too, but the community is the true secret sauce.

    Thanks for the post, it made my smile and reflect on my own experiences there.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for dropping by. You are so right, Wealthy Affiliate can become addictive and sometimes it can become a bit distracting to say to least. But I think that one of the great things about it, is knowing that there are other people there to help you out if you get stuck at any time.


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