The SendEarnings Reviews: It Just Might Keep You Waiting in Vain

When you look at the SendEarnings Reviews, one thing that you’ll see is that it takes time to get those outlined rewards. So if you are thinking about signing up for something like this to earn money from home, then you just might be waiting in vain for those earnings.

Coming to think of it, when you look at the various SendEarnings reviews, you’ve probably seen that SendEarnings has paid out millions of dollars. However, that does not mean that their members are making any kind of a substantial income. They’ve paid out millions of dollars because they have millions of members. It’s NOT that members are earning millions.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to earn any kind of real income from home, this ain’t it! Sorry to burst you bubble. But hey, I am just keeping it real. If you want to learn how to make a serious income from home, then check out my top recommended opportunity.

What is SendEarnings

SendEarnings has been around since 2005 and are a part of the CotterWeb Enterprises. CotterWeb also runs InboxDolars, InboxPounds (for Brits) and DailyRewards (for Canadians).

Located at, SendEarnings is an online rewards club. It’s cash-based, so you do the activities in exchange for cash, as opposed to gift cards or points. Hey, who doesn’t appreciate extra cash?

As a member of SendEarnings you can participate in a number of activities. To earn cash you can complete tasks such as read e-mails, answer surveys, as well as shop. Even so, SendEarnings may not be sending any kind of earnings your way anytime soon.

How SendEarnings Works

You get cash credited to you account when you complete any of the following tasks:

  • Using coupons – If you are into coupon clipping then you can simply use those printable grocery coupons specific to your area, and earn additional cash back!
  • Playing games – Got the time to play games online? Well, you can play dozens of different types of games and also earn cash. Casino-style, and Bejeweled, are among some of the games you can play.
  • Shopping cashback – visit the SendEarnings website and earn cash back when you shop at merchants such as Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and more.
  • Answering surveys – You can earn cash by successfully completing online surveys as they become available
  • Reading e-mails – read emails with special offers, and earn cash.
  • Referring friends – You can also refer friends to SendEarnings and earn 10% of what they earn for life.

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SendEarnings Payment and Rewards

Once your SendEarnings account reaches a balance of $30, you can request a check or a Visa Cash Card. It sounds like a small sum to get to, but the challenge is in making it. However, once you make it you’ll get paid.

Depending on your membership, it takes approximately two weeks for your payment to be processed. However, payments for Gold members are processed weekly. Payments are dispatched in US dollars, regardless of where you live.

Becoming a Gold member

Becoming a gold member with SendEarnings is a simple process. Once you receive your first payment, your account is automatically updated to Gold status. Gold members also enjoy addition perks such as faster payments, more loyalty rewards, additional sweepstakes entries and more lucrative rewards overall.

How to Join SendEarnings

SendEarnings is open to international residents once you are 18 years of age or older. You’ll get a $5 bonus just for joining. Simply enter your email address, a password you’d want to use, confirm that password and take it there. Complete your profile accordingly and you’re good to go.

The SendEarnings Reviews: User Experience

First of all, you may have a different experience trying something like this. So if you want to try it, no harm in that. But what you need to keep in mind is that this is not going to be as easy as it sounds.

For example, getting and completing a survey are two different things. First of all getting a survey is based on your demographics and even when you get one, you can be disqualified mid-survey.

What you and other people may not know is that surveys come with these built-in disqualification questions to ensure that the responses are coming from the exact people they are looking for. I call it the stinky fish question, because once you encounter it, you can be disqualified depending on how you answer.

Now if you ask me, spending all that time just to earn extra change, simply does not add up. There are way better opportunities online you can use to earn money from home.

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SendEarnings User Reviews

Now some people find that the cash out of $30 is too high and some seem to think that it’s a fair survey site. But check out some of the other experiences below.

Review #1

“Total waste of your time!”

I get So aggravated with each visit to this site. They lure you in saying that they pay up for $5 for a survey and then you go on the site and 99% are actually a quarter but to make things worse, you can click on 10 surveys and will be disqualified all 10 times. Would take 10 years to get the $30 required to cash out. Don’t waste your time with this site. AND, they make you check a box about integrity and honesty. Maybe THEY should demonstrate some integrity and honesty if they demand it from us. Wanted to give them NO stars but that was not possible.

October 21, 2019 by Karen from the U.S.

Damn! Can you feel the angst! This could be your experience as well, or not.

Review #2

I have been a member here for a couple of years and have found it worthwhile as a slow but steady way to earn cash. I do surveys once in a while but mainly just read emails. Very seldom do I join anything on their site as I am already ready a member or had been a member of the survey or forum sites they promote.
If you just read the emails they send the rewards will build up over time and you will be able to cash out and not lose your account.

So clearly, slow and steady wins the race to get to that $30 to cash out. But the comment below takes the cake. If you were in there shows, you’d probably feel the same kind of frustration as well.

Review #3

I’ve been on this site for over a decade and I don’t even know why I keep it. Barely any surveys and anything to do. The cash out is a high thirty bucks that takes a long time to save. It would help if they had more you can do. I just cant recommend this site because there’s really not much to do. As of right now, their “tv” doesn’t work either. I’d delete it if I wasn’t five away from cashout. Barely any Emails to read also.

Update 10/18/..still a bit under four bucks away to cash out. Grrr…this site stinks. Cant even do surveys, because all they have is peanutlabs, which I never am able to qualify. Really all i do is searches at this point. I’d like to have the extra cash for xmas, but i’m doubting i can even earn three bucks by then. It’s just really sad! Don’t join this site.

3/19.. still trying to cash out ages later. 1.50 away and there is just nothing I can do!! I wont be going back if and when I reach the 30. Site is useless.

Is SendEarnings Legit?

SendEarnings is totally legit but accessing this opportunity might provide more frustration that it’s worth.

For some people, these paid online surveys and get-paid-to sites are a total waste of time. All you are really earning is points or extra change for your time and effort.

Added to that, how regularly do you shop online? Regularly enough for it to eventually add up to $30 for a cash back? How many emails are you willing to read, and how regularly will you get them? There are better ways to make money from home.

These SendEarnings Reviews Aren’t Surprising

Admittedly some of the SendEarnings reviews clearly indicate that this type of thing is not for everyone. Now, we are not saying that this won’t work for you. But there are better ways to make much more money online.

Further more, this is definitely not an opportunity that will help you earn a full time income at all. There are better ways to make money from home. Why not be smart about how you invest your time? Click on the link below!

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