Work At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

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Looking for work at home jobs that are not scams?

Then you definitely need to check this out! There are lots of work at home jobs that are not scams out there but you have to know where to look and how to spot a scam. There are also lots of other legitimate work at home opportunities you can use to make money working from home and we’ve listed a few here as well.

In the past few years, millions of people have resorted to working from home. According to Forbes, one in five Americans work from home, and the numbers are rising.

According to the article, “an estimated three million American professionals never step foot in an office outside of their own home and another 54% say that are happier that way.” In the next five years, that number is expected to increase  by 63%.

Work at home jobs that are not scams

Work at Home Jobs: Benefits

  • Avoid the commute – No rush hour traffic to facework-at-home-mom-with-child
  • Flexibility – You work when you want, set your own schedule that’s convenient to you, or even take the day off if you want. Yeah!!
  • You are your own boss
  • Save money – Working from home allows you to cut down expenses like gas, save wear and tear on your vehicle, and day-care, if you’re a mom.
  • Spend more time with the family

Work at Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

Okay, so it would be a bit unrealistic for us to list here, every single work at home job that is not a scam. Instead it’s better for us to show you how to spot a work at home job that might be a scam.

Clearly, not every online opportunity represents a legitimate prospect, so that’s one thing you have to be careful about and avoid the scams. If a work at home job opportunity requires that you pay something upfront, then that’s a red flag. Don’t fall for empty promises and work at home opportunities that promises quick riches.

Keep in mind that any online or work at home opportunity requires effort.  So be wary about pyramid schemes and multi-level-marketing programs promising that you can make thousands of dollars in one (1) day.

These programs continue to be profitable because many people want to take shortcuts to make money and not put in the required time and effort to have a successful online business. But once these individuals realize that what they’ve signed up for is not as legitimate as it sounded, it’s too late. They’ve been duped and the money they invested is lost.

You also want to look out for work at home opportunities that are all hype and won’t tell you what you have to do to earn an income. If the opportunity seems fuzzy, leave it alone. Empower Network and MOBE (My Online Business Empire) are good examples of “opportunities” you want to avoid.

Work at home jobs that are not scams

Work at Home Jobs: Recommendations

Content writer: 

If you write really well, then you can get into freelance writing for individuals with websites, or where it’s needed., LinkedIn jobs, and MediaBistro are just a few options and could be good places to start your search. In addition, you can have your own website and promote this service.

Proofreading / Copy Editing

These are also areas that present legitimate work at home opportunities.


These days, freelancers in various areas are in great demand. Graphic designers, photographs, SEO article writers, accounting and many other services can be done on a freelance basis to earn an income. Ecommerce and affiliate marketing businesses are growing and the more they grow, the more freelance services are required.

Data Entry work from home

There are a variety of data entry work at home jobs that are not scams. Check out our review here.

To find more work at home jobs that are not scams, you may want to check out these job posting sites for more opportunities.

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Other Work at Home Opportunities

Apart from accessing work at home jobs that are not scams, there are other work at home opportunities that you can access. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a college student, or even a retired individual looking to add residual income to the nest egg, there are legitimate work at home opportunities you can access to do that.

Domain Flipping

Domains are like real estate, some become prime pieces of property and are able to be sold for a higher price. Flipping domains or websites or even renting them, could make you thousands of dollars.  But this requires knowledge and tools to find the ones that would be worth your while.

If that’s something that you might want to get into,  then you’ll need a keyword tool to find great domain names that you can buy and sell. I suggest you use Jaaxy Keyword Tools in order to be proficient and ensure your success.

Jaaxy’s Enterprise option allows you to check for domain availability and provides the opportunity to purchase right there and the.  You can try Jaaxy here to see some of its features.

Affiliate Marketing

This is actually my #1 recommendation, as it is a very lucrative opportunity. People from all walks of life, have made this the number one way in which they work from home, earning way more that a full time monthly salary.  Just so you know, you can make a seven  figure income doing something like affiliate marketing, provided that you have the right training.

Some Advantages of Affiliate Marketing
  • Extremely low overhead costs
  • You’re not selling any products nor do you need products to sell
  • Your website runs 24/7 so you can make money even while you’re sleeping (oh yeah!)
  • You can have multiple sources of income; that means you can make more than any salaried job might offer.
How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

While you don’t need a college degree to do this, you do need the right tools and training. To get a really fantastic foundation to make this work at home opportunity work for you, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

With easy to follow step-by-step video based training, Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how to start and build an incredibly successful online business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Step-by-step affiliate marketing training
  • 2 FREE websites
  • Hosting
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Community Support
  • The best part is it’s FREE to get started!

So why not join the millions who are already working at home and earning more than a full time income? You too can start writing your own paycheck. Become a member of Wealthy Affiliate and let us help YOU achieve online success.

I hope this article has given you some insight into finding work at home jobs that are not scams. As you can see, there are some great work at home opportunities that available for anyone to take advantage of.

To learn more about getting started with affiliate marketing , be sure to click on the “learn more” button below.

Here’s to your success and peace of mind.


Work home jobs that are not scams


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