11 Crucial Facts No One Tells You About Free Paid Surveys

For some people doing free paid surveys online is a way to earn some extra cash from home. No doubt the extra cash comes in handy. But before you get all excited about doing free paid surveys, these are 11 crucial facts no one tells you about free paid surveys.

Admittedly, getting paid for your opinion sounds like a great deal. But it’s not always that simple when it comes to surveys. Truth be told, it can be downright frustrating trying to make money with surveys.

In addition to which, you can definitely put your time to better use that’s for sure. There are much better ways to make money online from home. However, if surveys are your thing, then here’s what you need to know.

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What are Free Paid Surveys

Okay, so if you have no idea of what free paid surveys are all about, then here it is in a nutshell. Free paid surveys are surveys that you can sign up for free of charge and complete them to earn extra cash from home. It’s all abut you getting paid for sharing your opinion on something.

Websites like Swagbucks, EarningStation, OpinionPoll, Univox Community, and Opinion Outpost, are just a few sites with which you can sign up for free paid surveys.

Once you create your free account, you can earn points or virtual currency for completed surveys. The points or virtual currency can then be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or some other kind of reward. Depending on which free paid survey service you sign up for, earning 100 points or virtual currency, often translates into $1.00.

Earning with Free Paid Surveys

Now if you are seasoned survey taker, most likely you have seen Swagbucks and other survey sites showing you how many millions they’ve paid out to their survey takers over the years.

But as a survey taker, how much of that money was paid to you? In other words, how much money did you make doing surveys? Did you make $3,000? Or maybe you made $2,000. Okay, how about $1,000 over a period of a year? Hey, I hope you made something after investing your time and effort.

See, that’s the thing about free paid surveys or surveys in general.

These survey sites make it look easy as pie to earn money completing surveys. They are often touted as getting paid for your opinion. But as simple as it might sound, the money does not come that easily.

In fact, it takes time to accumulate virtual currency or points that you can redeem. That being the case, it can take you quite a while to start earning any kind of income with free paid surveys.

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11 Crucial Facts No One Tells You About Free Paid Surveys

Let’s face it, surveys are convenient and simple. But as simple and convenient, it can be downright frustrating trying to earn extra cash from free paid surveys.

Once you check out these crucial facts, you’ll realize that earning extra cash from home this way, is by no means an automatic process. But rather, it’s a long and arduous process.

Trying to get paid for your opinion, just might cause you to give these free survey sites a piece of your mind. Know what I mean? So as exciting as it might sound, here are eleven (11) crucial facts no one tells you about free paid surveys.

#1. The importance of Demographics

Don’t think for a minute that signing up to complete free paid surveys online guarantees that you will get surveys immediately. One of the key things that governs if and when you get a survey, is your demographics.

If your age, gender, and all the other relevant information does not match the target audience the company is looking to get feedback from, then you won’t get a survey.

For example, if the company that is gathering opinions on a product or service want to hear from individuals between the ages of 24 to 30 and you are not in that age bracket, then a survey won’t come your way. Which takes me to the second point.

#2. Takes Time Before You Receive a Survey

About free paid surveysIn some cases you can get a survey right away, then again it can actually take a while before you receive your first survey.

That’s one of the reasons why some people make money with surveys and some people don’t.

The thing is, it’s not just the reality about free paid surveys, but surveys in general. Those demographics are important. So if you are not getting any surveys, then you can’t earn anything now can you?

Reminds me of Bob Marley’s song “I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love.”

Well, you my friend just might find yourself in that situation; waiting in vain for some survey love.

#3. Survey Quotas

So you log into your account and finally you see a survey or two waiting for you to complete. Yes! You’re  all excited right? Finally, you can get started on earning some extra cash from home! But here’s what can happen. That survey can actually close on you while you are midway through it. Yikes!

That’s because you are not the only one doing that survey. So once they’ve got the amount of responses they need, that survey closes! It does not matter that you were’t finished! Hey, they’ve got all the responses that they need, so they don’t need your opinion anymore. Sounds harsh, but that’s the reality, when it comes to free paid surveys.

#4. Mid Survey Disqualification

Once you get a survey, believe it or not, you can be disqualified mid survey. One way in which this can happen, is you step on what I like to refer to as the “stinky fish” question. That’s a question that’s deliberately included in the survey to disqualify you. What the heck, right?

Well, the thing is, even though your demographics may fit, you just might not fit the actual criteria being sought after by the survey company. So that question is there to make sure that they target the right audience and if you answer it incorrectly, you will be disqualified mid survey. You just sat through a long ass survey only to find out that you are not qualified to complete it!

Are you getting a better picture here about free paid surveys and the challenges involved? Getting paid to share your opinion, is not as easy as it seems. But hold on, because there are a couple more crucial facts you’ll want to know about as well.

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# 5. No Compensation for Incomplete Surveys

It’s not just about being disqualified mid survey, but no compensation either. Some surveys can be long and take a while to complete. Most often, you are not compensated for surveys you did not get the opportunity to complete. That means you just lost about 30 minutes to an hour of your time, with absolutely no compensation whatsoever.

Now there are instances when you may still get a bit of compensation, but that does not happen with every survey company out there.

Hey, don’t you think your time is worth something? Why invest your time doing something that gives you $0 in return?

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Facts about free paid surveys#6. No Points Received for Other Activities

Most of these free survey sites offer you other activities you can do to earn points. You can watch videos, read emails etc, in an effort to accumulate points. But most often these activities aren’t credited to your account, for whatever reason. This can happen even when you complete some surveys as well.

#7. Third Party Offers

Now this is something you definitely need to pay attention to, when it comes to free paid surveys. Some survey sites tell you that you can make extra money subscribing to various offers they might send you. But you know what. If you don’t remember to cancel those offers, you just might find yourself paying for a subscription that you do not need.

Hey, the objective here is for you to make some extra cash from home, not pay for something you don’t need.

#8. Expiration of Points

Hey, use it or loose it baby. Yet another disappointing thing about free paid surveys. For some of these survey sites you need to stay active on the panel, or the points you’ve already accumulated will expire.

In some cases, you are required to take at least one survey every 3 months, which is not so bad really. But with all the challenges highlighted thus far, actually getting the opportunity to compete a survey, just might be a challenge.

#9. Complaints

Now if it’s one thing you can find about free paid surveys online, is that there are a myriad of complaints across the board. Clearly some people have certain expectations and they are not pleased when those expectations are not met. Well, in all honesty, you just can’t please everyone.

Complaints range from not receiving gift cards to of course surveys freezing up, inability to complete surveys, including the very small values attached to and earned for completing surveys. Of course let’s not forget, trying to get help from support and no credit for completed activities.

The thing is, most people neglect to read the terms and conditions when it comes to completing free paid surveys. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

#10. It Won’t Replace Your Full Time Income

Now that’s for sure! Free paid surveys definitely won’t replace your full time income. The very fact that you can be disqualified mid survey and the fact that there are survey quotas, it’s definitely going to take you a while too earn a substantial income from free paid surveys.

About free paid surveys

But hey, maybe replacing your full time income is not the reason why you are doing these free paid surveys. Maybe you are simply happy doing these surveys for extra change or gift cards. But why invest your time into something that you may not even get paid a dime for?

Hey, I am not judging you. But don’t you think that the time you invest in doing these surveys, is worth more than gift cards and virtual currency? I certainly think so.

Why not invest your time wiser? Why not invest in something that will allow you to replace your full time income and give you financial freedom and flexibility?

#11. Not Everyone Can join

Sorry to disappoint you, but not everyone can join up to complete free paid surveys. The majority of these survey sites cater for residents in the U.S., Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and some other countries. Global Test Market most likely might be your best bet. But even so, you may find that your country isn’t listed. If that’s the case, you can’t become a member.

So what’s a guy or gal to do to make some extra money from home? Well, for starters, don’t stress over the fact that you can’t join these free survey sites. Consider it a blessing and move on, because there are way better options you can utilize to make extra money from home. So all is not lost.

For example, ecommerce is a great way to make serious money from home, and so is affiliate marketing.

Free Paid Surveys Alternative

One thing about free paid surveys is that you have to be patient and realistic when it comes earning anything with them. Like I said, they are touted as an easy way to earn extra cash, but after all is said and done, it’s clear that it’s really not about you the survey taker.

Check it out.

While you might be earning gift cards and chump change for your efforts, most of these sites that offer free paid surveys, are making more than that for sure.

For example, if Swagbucks can boast about how many millions they paid their survey takers thus far, how much do you think they earned overall? Hmn, ever thought about that? Have you noticed that the people who are making money online, have websites that are helping others solve a problem?

Free paid survey sites are attempting to help you solve your cash flow issues, by helping you earn extra cash from home. But the question is, how much have you been able to earn completing free paid surveys? Are these free paid survey sites really helping you solve your cash flow problems?

Gift cards and beer money, ain’t really my idea of solving a cash flow problem. Then again, maybe you are just looking to make some extra change.

But one thing is certain, the website owner is smiling about their bank account that’s for sure. So if you are looking to make any kind of a significant income online, then having your own website is one way you can get there.

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